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This page is intended for all CenterIM users out there that want to tell us how happy (or angry) they are with CenterIM. See this site as some kind of guestbook and feel free to list yourself here. Just keep in mind that this page is not subject to any questions - they should be sent to one of our mailing lists...

From: Alex Trull <>
Subject: Freebsd + Centerim

Hi Frank,

I've got an amd64 freebsd6 install and I had a strange issue with centericq
- now I just installed centerim
from ports and it is working perfectly as I had always wanted! :D

Many thanks indeed! 

This is by far the best multi-protocol IM client I've ever used.  I was able to easily compile 4.22.7  
on Ubuntu 8.10 64bit.  It's easy to use, and lightweight.  I couldn't have asked for a better client.  
Thanks very much for making this awesome software.
Brian Agatonovic
Cleveland, Ohio


Hello, I've been using CenterIM for a few weeks now. I use it with my zipit z2 device through the shell that Ray Haque has created; found here:

One of the problems I've had with it is the fact that when I try to talk to 'certain people' there is no history that is displayed for my comments or theirs. This makes conversation with these 'random' people not possible. Through my use of it I've found that it's mostly AIM users that it happens with, but then again this makes up a majority of my friends list

This might be because of something 'lost in translation' between the CenterIM program and Ray Haque's release on his website, but I thought I'd relay the issue


When loging in to Jabber/Gtalk as invisible i dont get the contact list, I have to set the status online than again to invisible to achieve what i need.