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Things you need to run CenterIM in Cygwin (win32)

You need to setup a cygwin environment that can compile c and c++ programs.

Install the following packages (including dependencies):

  • curl-devel (>= 7.16.3-1) (for MSN)
  • gcc-g++ (>= 3.4.4-3)
  • gettext-devel (>= 0.15-1)
  • libgnutls26 (>= 2.2.2-1)
  • libiconv (>= 1.11-1)
  • libjpeg-devel (>= 6b-12) (for gadu-gadu registration)
  • libncurses-devel (>= 5.5-3)
  • make (>= 3.81-2)
  • openssl (>= 0.9.8g-1)
  • openssl-devel (>= 0.9.8g-1)

4.22.5 remarks

Before you compile 4.22.5, you have to make a comment of line 26 of firetalk/firetalk.h So change

#define _FC_USE_IPV6


//#define _FC_USE_IPV6

4.22.8 remarks

You cannot compile 4.22.8 on cygwin without editing code. Version 4.22.5 definitely works for some people. Other versions?

Compiling CenterIM on win32

To compile CenterIM on a win32 system, you need to install the cygwin environment and extract the sources and then run the following commands from the extracted directory:

./configure && make && make install

This will configure CenterIM with all the protocol enabled.

Issues and Resolutions

If you get the following error during the link phase (when you execute "make") ...

 libtool: link: cannot find the library `' or unhandled argument `and'

... try moving your centerim-4.22.5 unpacked directory to a location that is NOT under the following standard cygwin home path: c:\Documents and Settings\<userid>

For example, from within cygwin, create a /work directory, and unpack the source tar there and then run make, etc.

Unsupported features on win32

The following features are not available for the win32 build

  • Unicode support
  • GPG support for jabber