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Important notice: I changed my overlay from rsync to git. you need to remove and readd it to be up to date

There now is an easy way for gentoo users to keep up with development. If you haven't already layman do a quick

emerge layman

then follow the instruction how layman works. You can view available overlays with this command

layman -L

Note: you need git installed to use my overlay. All you need now is

layman -a centerim

and you're ready to go ;) Now use your usual commands to update your system. One last thing: The ebuilds are in ~x86 so you probably have to put it into /etc/portage/package.keywords For the live ebuild:

echo "net-im/centerim **" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords

It's probably useful to add "layman --sync-all" to the script that is running "emerge --sync" for you, to update the overlay as well

Alternative without using layman

If you don't want to use layman, here is a litte tutorial how to get the newest mobshot and emerge it afterwards: Go to an search for the newest mobshot. Copy that URL:

 wget<build>-<some number>.tar.gz

Because gentoo search for like "centerim_pYYYYMMDD" we have to extract it, change the directory and rename the file:

 tar xfz centerim-4.22.1-<build>-<some number>.tar.gz
 mv centerim-4.22.1-<build>-<some number>.tar.gz centerim-4.22.1

Now you should know the build-date of the downloaded mobshot. In the directory-listing of the download-directory on you should see it. Now we build again the archive:

 tar cfz centerim-<date of build, e.g. 20071130>.tar.gz centerim-4.22.1

Copy it to the gentoo-distfiles-location

 cp centerim-<date of build, e.g. 20071130>.tar.gz /usr/portage/distfiles/

Now we have to create an ebuild. We just have to copy an old one and change some lines inside. First we change the directory

 cd /usr/portage/net-im/centerim

Now we copy the last ebuild, currently it's centerim-4.22.1_20071103.ebuild

 cp centerim-4.22.1_p<YYYYMMDD>.ebuild centerim-4.22.1_p<date of build, e.g. 20071130>.ebuild

Now we edit the 'new' file, and comment all lines beginnig with "epatch" in the function "src_unpack" out. Here an example, before the edit:

 src_unpack() {
   unpack ${A}
   cd "${S}"
   epatch "${FILESDIR}"/${PN}-imotr-config.patch
   epatch "${FILESDIR}"/${PN}-ack-sbl.patch

and afterwards:

 src_unpack() {
   unpack ${A}
   cd "${S}"
   #epatch "${FILESDIR}"/${PN}-imotr-config.patch
   #epatch "${FILESDIR}"/${PN}-ack-sbl.patch

Save and close the file. Now you have to create the Manifest-files

 ebuild centerim-4.22.1_p<date of build, e.g. 20071130>.ebuild digest

Afterwards you should be able to emerge the brandnew mobshot:

 emerge --pretend net-im/centerim

You see a new version with the versionnumber "date of build, e.g. 20071130". Enjoy